Wie sich Jessica Hawkins in ihre Hauptfigur verliebte.

Amazon Bestseller Autorin Jessica Hawkins erklärt, warum der Protagonist ihres Romans “First Taste” so unwiderstehlich ist. Erfahre, inwiefern alleinerziehende Väter, Tattoos und Motorräder sie beim Schreiben von “First Taste” inspiriert haben.

Wie sich Jessica Hawkins in ihre Hauptfigur verliebte.

Wanted: strong male protagonist

Of all my books so far, I’ve had the most fun writing “First Taste“. It wasn’t in my plan, but the hero, Andrew Beckwith, originally appeared as the brother of a heroine in another book of mine. I needed a strong, secure hero who could give his sister wise, worldly advice. Someone who’d been through a lot already. And who’s been through more than a man who suddenly has to raise a daughter on his own? A single dad is a MAN. He has to be.

Found: irresistible single dad

While developing Andrew’s character, I started making a Pinterest board to use as inspiration. There are lots of irresistible images of big, strong men snuggling with their kids, and it melts my heart. There’s something so alluring about masculinity paired with tenderness.

Jessica Hawkins Pinterest Inspiration Board

The perfect background story

When I saw that some of those men had tattoos and motorcycles, my mind wandered down that bad-boy path, and Andrew started to come together. The more I got to know him, the more interested I became in his story. I decided Andrew and his daughter, Bell, needed their own book. He’s too good to ignore. He likes eating breakfast for dinner, fast cars, tattoos, and running his own business, but in order to be a good father to his sassy daughter, he had to put his reckless ways aside when her mother left them years ago. His priorities changed overnight from drinking in bars with friends to tucking his daughter into bed every night.

Bad boy at heart

But in his heart, Andrew’s a bad boy, so I wanted to make sure he stayed that way. He still has his motorcycle (even if he doesn’t use it as much), and he’s got an array of colorful tattoos (which all mean something important to him). He’s an alpha male through and through, except for one weakness — Bell. His daughter’s the only one who bosses him around…until he meets Amelia. She’s just as strong and stubborn as Andrew, and she might be the one person who can shake up Andrew and Bell’s world!

Jessica Hawkins

Leseprobe zu “First Taste”

Hat dich Jessica Hawkins neugierig gemacht? Dann schnuppere gleich in “First Taste” rein und lade dir hier die kostenlose Leseprobe herunter.

Über die Autorin

Jessica Hawkins ist Amazon Bestseller Autorin und für ihre emotional packenden und wahnsinnig heißen Romance Geschichten bekannt. Sie schreibt entweder zu Hause in der kalifornischen Wüste oder irgendwo sonst auf der Welt. Sie ist eine Coffee Shop-Reisende, die nur mit ihrem Laptop, Kopfhörern und Kaffeetasse bewaffnet von Café zu Café zieht. Jessica bleibt sehr gerne in engem Kontakt mit ihren Lesern, meistens per Facebook, Instagram oder ihre Newsletter.

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