Heiße Nächte in Texas. Gerry Bartlett im Interview

Texas ist verdammt heiß, und wir reden hier nicht nur von den Temperaturen. In unserem Exklusiv-Interview erklärt die amerikanische Bestseller-Autorin Gerry Bartlett, was sie an ihrer Heimat Texas so sehr liebt und wie sie das Feuer zwischen ihren Protagonisten anfacht.

Texas Heat: Gerry Bartlett im Exklusiv-Interview

Why did you write about Texas?

I was born and raised here and still live just minutes from my hometown of Houston. Yes, it’s a big city, but there’s something about Texas that fascinates people and still keeps me here. There are the urban cowboys who drive pickup trucks and wear boots and Stetsons, billionaires and then ordinary people like me who are just trying to make a living. There’s an energy here that you can’t find anywhere else. I love Texas and there are so many stories that I can’t wait to tell.

Gerry Bartlett im Interview - Amerikanische Weite

What about the Heat?

Well, I am a romance writer, have been for years. I can’t write a story without two characters with an attraction to each other that sizzles. I found that in Texas Heat. Cassidy Calhoun and Mason MacKenzie fight the chemistry but there’s just no way to deny that they are meant to be. The fact that there’s danger stalking Cass just makes Mason more determined to keep her safe and have her with him forever.

Cassidy’s story seems to be a Cinderella story. Can you tell us about that?

Yes, I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t wished someone would come along and drop a fortune on them. An inheritance from a stranger? And this one is millions? Of course there’s a catch. Cass has to work in the oil business for a year, something she knows nothing about. The stranger is a father she never knew. There are twists and turns here that keep this from just being simple, but Cass knows how to work for what she wants and the money can change her life forever. She will go after the prize with the determination that helped her work her way out of poverty on her own. When a handsome stranger tries to sweep her off her feet, of course she’s suspicious of his motives. I had a lot of fun getting Cass to her happily ever after.

Gerry Bartlett im Interview - Cowboystiefel

What’s next in the Texas Heat series?

There are three Calhoun sisters so I wrote a story for each of them. Megan’s story is next. I hope readers will stick around for the adventures when Megan hits the road to work in the oil fields as her father’s crazy will demands. This pampered oil heiress is tough, but when faced with a man who doesn’t want to work with her, she has a lot to handle in Texas Fire. Texas Pride and sister Shannon’s story comes after that.

Anything else to tell your readers?

I hope to hear from you about Texas Heat. Let me know what you think. You can find me at where you can sign up for my newsletter for the latest news about other Texas books or about the vampire books I write. I am also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Leseprobe zu „Texas Heat“

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Autorenfoto Gerry BartlettÜber die Autorin

Gerry Bartlett wurde in Texas geboren. Die ehemalige Lehrerin eroberte mit ihrer „Real Vampires“-Serie die amerikanischen Bestsellerlisten. Inzwischen wohnt sie auf halbem Weg zwischen Houston und Galveston und betreibt dort ein Antiquitätengeschäft. „Texas Heat“ ist der erste Band ihrer neuen Romantic-Suspense-Reihe.


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